Join us on June 3rd for an evening of Glamour and Giving as we champion a very important cause! We are excited to support Autism Speaks and their mission to advance workplace inclusion for individuals on the Autism Spectrum through their Workplace Inclusion Now™ (WIN) initiative.

The evening begins with cocktails on the terrace overlooking the beautiful California Desert, followed by a fabulous dinner, stellar live performances, live + silent auctions and inspiration from Gamechangers in the Autism community.

The Gamechanger Event Series is an innovative campaign designed to spotlight and address the most pressing health problems and wellness issues our Republic is currently facing. Our mission transcends partisan lines. We are united on the battleground of shared concerns and collective well-being.

Collaborating with leading organizations, we are mobilizing a coalition of healthcare experts, thought leaders, advocates, and community members at both the national and local levels.

The Gamechanger Events are a catalyst for change, designed to amplify solutions. Each installment of the series will focus on one of four issues: Autism, Mental Health, the Opioid Crisis, and Vaccine Education.

Join us in the effort!

Our Goals

Welcome to Fighting 4 One America PAC!

We are for unity and action meet to shape a brighter future for America. In the face of critical issues, our mission is steadfast. We support visionary yet pragmatic leaders across the political spectrum. They must be poised to tackle our nation’s challenges head-on. In other words, we’re focused on empowering “GameChangers”. They not only dream of a better tomorrow but also actively forge paths towards meaningful change. They seek to ensure every American has a place in a prosperous future.

Who We Are

Daphne Barak

Global Media Personality

Host of the Starry Starry Night Gala

Erbil Gunasti

Founder + President

Fighting 4 One America PAC

Daphne Barak As a globally renowned interviewer, executive producer, author and filmmaker that has shaped public discourse through her impactful conversations with world leaders and influential figures. Her extensive library of interviews, including with figures like Nelson Mandela and Donald J. Trump, reflects her unique ability to delve into the heart of global issues. As the driving force behind the Starry Starry Night Gala, Daphne is channeling her passion and platform into a focused effort to benefit autism, aiming to enlighten, inspire, and mobilize support for this vital cause. Join us in celebrating her commitment to advocacy and her tireless work in bringing light to issues that matter.”
Erbil Gunasti brings a wealth of international experience and insight to the forefront of political advocacy. As a geopolitical expert and author, Erbil has served as a representative for eight Turkish prime ministers at the United Nations and brings a nuanced perspective to socio-economic and military strategies. His writings, which critically analyze international relations and American politics, provide an informed voice on pressing global matters.

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